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A Realistic Look at Self-Defense

What you’ll find at Fit to Fight® is a comprehensive approach to violence that utilizes the best of Krav Maga, wrestling, judo, BJJ, and others to create the most realistic self-defense system on the planet (if you ask us). Where many organizations fall short with their self-defense program is the fighting aspect of self-defense - that’s where we thrive. If you’re looking for no sparring, “anti-grappling”, and to chase a certificate then disappear, we’re not for you.

If you’re still reading, you might be in the right place. We’re looking for students. People who are constantly looking to improve, learn and better themselves. Those are the people we want as instructors for our program. Maybe you’ve been teaching a separate discipline for 20 years. Maybe you decided this “Krav Maga” thing is fun and you want to share it with your community through a short course. Whatever your background and plans are, we can work with you to get you started.

Protection Dynamics

The Protections Dynamics program was designed for individuals who want to share self-defense knowledge with their community but are not good candidates to affiliate with Fit to Fight®. Licensees pay a monthly fee on a 2 year agreement and receive other business management assistance that isn’t needed if you are not running a center.

The Protection Dynamics program is a licensing agreement that gives you access to the program name with the backing of Fit to Fight® behind it. It includes video references for the curriculum, and lesson plans to run a 12 week course with the material. The agreement is a 2 year license after which time you will need to re-certify. The 1st year is a $150 application fee and $599 certification fee for a total of $749. This can be divided into quarterly payments. The second year is $500 which can also be divided into quarterly payments if needed.