FireARMED® - Be Armed, with Knowledge. 

This program was created with the purpose of providing an in-depth, comprehensive and holistic handgun training curriculum that could be executed inside of Fit to Fight® Affiliated Training Centers.

✓ Be a better shooter.

✓ Learn to fight, with a gun. 

✓ Retain and access your weapon. 

✓ Enhance defense of family skills.

✓ Understand use of force laws. 

✓ Enhance your decision making. 

The course is a multi-level system that uses inert training weapons, such as SIRT training weapons from Next Level Training, to allow for training in a facility that is not established for live fire. The visual feedback and training weapon features allow for many elements of offensive firearms training to be covered while emphasizing the need for fighting, clinching, wrestling, and retention skills to go along with use of a firearm. 

Additional topics covered in the course include trauma care training, post engagement steps, communicating with police after the incident, legalities of firearm use for self-defense, weapons-free self-defense skills, and more. 


Fighting, with a gun

Having a gun doesn’t make you any more prepared to deal with violence than standing in a garage makes you a car. The ability to stand at a table in a well lit range doesn't not adequately reflect the reality of using a gun defensively. Your ability to fight to get to your gun, retain it and protect others all while in fear for your life requires training.

Application to Live Fire

While our student courses utilize inert training weapons for use inside a training center, the FireARMED® Instructor Course puts into application the principles and skills of the course. Being able to shoot from proper positions and develop you’re own skills will assist in developing students.



Trauma Care

If you’re training to take a life you should also have the training to save one. Trauma care is a crucial element to this course.