Active Killer Defense®

Fit To Fight® has developed programs primarily designed to aid in implementing campus safety procedures while recognizing the need for realistic training and solutions. These programs consider that many traditional “fixes” may be cost-prohibitive, impractical, politically unpalatable and/or simply ineffective.

Solutions offered by Fit To Fight® include, but are not limited to, active and passive measures not meant only to “harden” targets, but rather to create zones less likely to be seen as targets. This will be accomplished by employing a series of measures making these “zones” less appealing to potential assailants. Fit To Fight®’s Active Killer Defense® is designed as a dynamic training modality, involving physical defensive tactics training, realistic scenario training, and lectures. The end goal is to create safer and more secure schools, businesses, churches and communities.

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Unarmed Response

More of these active killer events are stopped by unarmed civilians than armed. The ability to go hands on with the threat is proven to save lives.


Armed Response

Carrying a firearm does not equate to being able to stop an active killer. Proper understanding of geometry of fire, shooting positions, foreground and background consideration, and more all go into being able to stop the killer.

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Trauma Care

In the majority of active killer events over the years, the cause of death has been through blood loss. You are the first responder on the scene and the ability to keep blood in the body is a simple skill that, when combined with the appropriate equipment, is proven to save lives.